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Technology Acquisition Opportunity
Welch Allyn, Inc., a technology leader in the field of medical endoscopes and industrial borescopes, is making available for licensing aspects of its expertise in endoscopy and video imaging technologies.

Key benefits include:

  • An array of patented video imaging and instrumentation cost-efficiencies covering medical endoscopes and industrial borescopes are represented.
  • Technologies incorporate variable focus capabilities, ease of maintenance & repair, and high reliability.
  • Availability of individual patents or entire patent portfolio lends flexibility to specific acquisition requirements.
  • Substantial manufacturing and business expertise accompany the technologies.

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Endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery (MIS) revolutionized diagnosis and surgery, and now account for over 25% of all surgery performed in developed countries.

Millenium Research Group estimates that the endoscopy/MIS market is worth over $5 billion in annual global sales. And the market potential is still growing, as new areas and procedures continue to be discovered using these tools.

The diversity of current and emerging endo-laparoscopic procedures is a rich source of demand for the advances in surgical technology represented by these patents.

Intellectual Property
74 U.S. patents covering a range of developments relating to endoscopic and remote imaging capabilities for medical, industrial, and other applications.

These patents offer the capability to exploit niches of this growing field. Examples of these patents include:


US Patent Key Features
  • Convenient, integrated video diagnostic center.
  • Medical imaging system with imager, viewing, & battery recharging in a single apparatus.
  • Sealed imager assembly
  • Miniaturization of circuitry enables easier insertion.
  • Sealed video processor module & illumination unit.
  • Portable, plug-in modularity (e.g. veterinary applications).
  • Division of 5,441,043.


  • Shadow probe adds second light source.
  • 3D-effect facilitates size determination of viewed object.


  • Video laparoscope with modular video connector.
  • Dual, low-power metal halide lamps provide high quality white light under servomotor control.
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