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Glopak, Inc. has developed a High Speed Linear Bagging Machine that exceeds competitive baggers in speed of bagging and simplicity of operation.

The Bagger technology can be used in a number of applications, in particular in the bagging of bread and other baked goods. It is adjustable as to size and type of bag. The technology’s capabilities and its wide range of application possibilities create a significant opportunity. More than a dozen installations are already in operation.

The technology operates at significantly higher speeds than most existing baggers, but also represents a significant step forward in particularly reliability and reduced maintenance.

The Glopak bagger features microprocessor control and a feedback mechanism, allowing the machine to compensate for variations in feed rate, loaf size, and other parameters.
Key advantages of the BAGGER are:

  • High Speed
  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Self-compensating
  • Flexible
  • Variable Bag Sizes
  • Reduced loaf damage
  • Easily integrated with other systems, conveyors
  • Reliable – few wear parts

Almost all major companies in the bakery bagging equipment industry rely on a design many decades old. These older baggers are synchronized with conveyers and other equipment through mechanical means, and frequent adjustments are required to maintain a match between the arrival of the loaf and the bagging sequence. The mechanisms frequently jam, causing the operator to stop the machine to reset the synchronization.

The Glopak BAGGER overcomes these problems by use of a microprocessor-controlled feedback mechanism that automatically compensates for these misadjustments. Furthermore, the control mechanism provides for easy accommodation of loaves of various sizes, and allows for faster, uninterrupted operation.

Intellectual property
The technology is protected by US Patent 6,421,984, Canadian Patent CA2301758, British Patent GAB2343877, and PCT/CA98/00303.


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The Company is seeking to place its intellectual property with an organization qualified to bring this innovative new bread bagger into wider commercial use.

For More Information, Contact:
Dr. Stephen P. Weeks
First Principals, Inc.
1768 East 25th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
216-881-8521 - Phone
216-881-8522 - Fax
Email: spweeks@firstprincipals.com

First Principals, Inc.   1768 East 25th Street  Cleveland, Ohio 44114   216.881.8520 phone   216.881.8522 fax   Email: info@firstprincipals.com

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