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Sidler, Inc. has designed and patented several innovative automotive components.  The Liquidating Trustee intends to sell these properties by Auction on October 4, 2007.  Click here for full information package or click below for individual patents and descriptions.

All of these designs provide:

  • Compliance with automotive manufacturing standards
  • Minimum of separate parts
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • User convenience.
 Click Here for pdf

Intellectual Property
Patents or published patent applications are to be Auctioned on September 25, 2007, as follows:
US Patent (click to see) Title
(click for one-pager)
6,126,221 Universal Garage Door Opener Mounting Panel
  • Easy operation of a garage door remote from its convenient compartment

  •  A compartment door that is also the activation button

  • One-touch operation

5,982,123 Interval Control for Intermittent Wipers
  • Control of the duration of the interval between successive wipes in response to the quantity of rain.

  • Sensitivity to vehicle speed without additional sensors

  • Control system simplification

  • Hardware reduction

2007/0013202 Pivotable Door for Vehicle Interiors
  • A convenient easy-to-open door

  • No binding

  • Flush exterior

2006/0198155 Panel-Mounted Task Light
  • A focused lamp mounted in a door

  • Restricted illumination onto the lap of a passenger

  • A replacement for overhead reading lights

2006/0113810 Modular Overhead Console Assembly
  • A movable module within an overhead console

  • Multiple, interchangeable components

  • Unique, simple design

2006/0208506 Latching Mechanism Vehicle Panel Door
  • A desirable "push-push" open and close mechanism

  • A dampener mechanism for slow opening

  • A door that stays closed during bumps and collisions

  • Flush exterior


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