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The Opportunity
"Single-use" gloves have escaped the growing trend toward reprocessing because of their single use design, a commodity approach to marketing (high volume, low price), high reprocessing costs, and the difficulty of individual testing and traceability. After two years of development, Tomorrow’s Glove Technology, LLC (TGT) has overcome these challenges, resulting in TGT’s unique package:


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  • G-Track Glove: designed with premium Nitrile polymers, are reusable up to 10 times while retaining the fitness and comfort of single-use gloves. Each glove, manufactured under TGT’s specifications, incorporates a unique serial number. The glove number, lot number, manufacturing line, etc. are tracked, enabling full traceability in the reconditioning process, as required by the FDA.

  • G-TRU Reprocessing System: a fully automated reprocessing and testing system allows end-users or distributors to reprocess G-Track Gloves on-site or at a dedicated service provider’s location. The system reprocesses, decontaminates, sterilizes, dries, electronically tests, packs, and traces G-Track Gloves. The reprocessed gloves exceed FDA and EN testing requirements for single-use gloves.

G-Track & G-TRU offer end-users, especially in the healthcare industry, a breakthrough innovation, enabling them to use a higher performing glove at a lower total cost. The G-Track also eliminates the waste management costs and the employer legal liability risk associated with latex glove usage. Cost savings can be as high as 60%.


G-TRU is fully computerized and incorporates proprietary software that provides individual glove tracking, quality control, and comprehensive data management. This information is delivered on a real-time base via the Internet. The technology further enables B2C and B2B e-commerce sales and marketing CRM.

TGT’s business model:

  • Domestic United States: The company rents the G-TRU reprocessing appliance on a monthly basis, charges a franchise license fee, sells NEW G-track Gloves, and invoices royalties on a per-reconditioned-glove basis.
  • International market: The company sells the G-TRU reprocessing appliance, sells NEW G-Track gloves, and invoices royalties on a per-reconditioned-glove basis.
  • Franchisees sell reprocessed gloves to their distribution base, and collect and reprocess used gloves.

Even with high end-user cost savings, TGT still enjoys a much better overall margin (40%) than glove manufacturers (9%). The inherent customer loyalty built into the system brings together a unique click-and-mortar combination in this industry.

Intellectual Property
TGT’s system is protected by US Patent Applications and foreign counterparts around the world. TGT’s patents will command broad coverage for the system and its advantages.

The Company is seeking qualified investors to bring their innovative new refurbishment technology into commercial use. For more information, contact:

Dr. Stephen P. Weeks, President

First Principals, Inc.

1768 East 25th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
216-881-8521 - Phone
216-881-8522 - Fax

email: spweeks@firstprincipals.com

Website: http://www.firstprincipals.com



First Principals, Inc.   1768 East 25th Street  Cleveland, Ohio 44114   216.881.8520 phone   216.881.8522 fax   Email: info@firstprincipals.com

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